“ The world as your team ”

Engage skilled people and get your jobs done

“ Put your skills to work ”

By selling your services to others


that offer their skills


that need your skills

It is

a collective skills and jobs mingling utility

Designed to help you do things and get things done

It works

by bringing people together around their skills and jobs

“ Everyone has skills, now Everyone can put them to use ”

“ We All have jobs that need doing, now we can All get them done ”

It helps

mere mortals

the time rich

the time poor

the retired


Everyone with a computer and internet to access other people's skills and jobs;
find work and reliable people to help you

The time rich to put their favourite skills to use to help out others, and earn for their time

The time poor to delegate their tasks, chores and lingering jobs and focus on their stuff

The retired to keep their expert and coveted skills sharp by working when, where and for whom they chose, top up their income and help their grandchildren keep a roof over their heads

If you are a business that outsources tasks and per-project jobs to freelancers and contractors, Skillbasket is an ideal tool to tender, procure, and manage relationships throughout the project cycle